Autonomous Electrical Energy Entities

Imagine world which powered by solar power and every individual or machine can produce, sell, buy, borrow exchange the energy independently. Peer to Peer energy between autonomous machines and humans

Sun + Solar Panel + Battery + Intel Edison + Blockchain = Autonomous Energy

This is how it works:It watches an ethereum address, if it that address receives a payment, it let the energy flow through the usb port so you can charge your phone or your tablet for example.

Solether is an ethereum entity, you can extend this project and add some logic to it. For example, a more advanced version of Solether could enable you to give it the ability to grow and/or replicate. Because Solether is selling energy in exchange for Ethers, after some time it will collect a good amount of them, that will probably be higher than the cost of the Solether device itself. After having reached this point, it could ask to other humans (or robots :D) to make it grow. A human can plug more solar panels and batteries to the Solether entity and receive money in return. The device will check if it is receiving the energy from the additional panels/batteries and pay the one that extended it. This way Solether devices can grow and replicate autonomously.

Solether is a an autonomous entity that will give you electrical energy in exchange for ethers.You can charge your phone for 30 minutes by just plugging it in and sending 1 Ether.

Solether is an open source DIY project targeted to create a simple proof of concept of what an autonomous ethereum entity can be like.Solether code is running on an Arudino/Intel Edison

Check out the code!